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We ask that you please respect our rules which are intended to provide a safe and fun environment for both players and spectators.

  • We will enforce our association's Code of Conduct. Please act responsibly.
  • All cars must park in the parking lot.  There is no parking on the street, or along the fence at the entrance to our field.
  • We have handicapped parking spaces available, please ask parking attendant for assistance.
  • The entrance is ONE WAY in.  There is a back exit when people leave.
  • NO pets of any kind are allowed on the field (inside the fenced area).  Dog owners take notice please.
  • NO smoking is permitted on the field.  Please use the parking lot if you need to smoke. 
  • Please encourage your teams and spectators to use the trash barrels we provide.
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed on the field house deck. Sorry no filming from there.